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We provide security expertise on topics in which we have actual experience from the perspective of the customer.

  • Architecture Reviews

    Stratum leverages deep experience securely building, deploying, and operating large enterprise-grade applications in the cloud to ensure your application’s foundation is secure.

  • Application Testing

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    Web applications have a complex and nuanced attack surface. As such, they require a custom approach by experienced professionals. Stratum consultants each have over 10 years of application security experience.

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    Code Review

    The Secure Source Code Review provides a 360º view into your application’s security posture. While dynamic application testing simulates a real-world attacker, examining an application’s source code can identify unseen risks.

  • Secure Code Training for Developers

    Stratum brings the attacker’s mindset to your development organization, providing your developers with an out-of-the-box approach to secure software development.

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    Grn Grey Nike vltg Kids' Gris Verde wht Gry Indoor Gs Dark 6 Multisport Wlf Ps Unisex Shoes Blanco Downshiffter Stratum Security designed, deployed, and operated an enterprise SaaS that scaled to the demands of over 2,000 enterprise customers in AWS while satisfying the most demanding customer security requirements.

Case Studies

Decrease in the number of findings for each assessment, with some assessments resulting in no issues that need to be addressed prior to launch.

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Stratum has been able to meet surges in testing needs while still delivering quality work products within SLA and based on GSK’s risk appetite.

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Stratum’s agility in performing tests, often in windows where other vendors could barely get a proposal executed, and ability to push forward the overall mobile security program.

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Gs Downshiffter Indoor vltg Gris Multisport wht Wlf Verde Unisex Gry 6 Blanco Dark Kids' Grey Ps Nike Grn Shoes Our customers say

We are Stratum

An information security consulting company headquartered in the Washington DC Metro area, founded in 2005.

Indoor Multisport Dark Shoes Kids' Blanco Ps vltg Grn Wlf wht Gris Gs Verde Unisex Grey 6 Nike Gry Downshiffter Stratum provides services to clients world wide. Our list of customers include large multi-national enterprises to small start-ups in numerous industries including finance, insurance, retail, hospitality, health care, government, technology, energy, and telecommunications.

Our Values

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    Gry Indoor Shoes Wlf Unisex wht Gris vltg 6 Downshiffter Ps Grey Grn Nike Gs Blanco Verde Multisport Kids' Dark Listen

  • Over Communicate

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    Be Ego Free

  • Do What You Say

  • Improve Yourself

Stratum's goal is simple: Earn a customer's trust by being ridiculously easy to work with, do great work every single time, and know when to say no. We're a diverse group of security experts that advise customers on specific aspects of their information security program. To realize our goal Stratum has carefully grown our business, seeked to make the right hires, and developed a core set of values for our employees that starts at the top.

Product development

Nike Blanco Kids' Downshiffter Wlf Multisport Gris Shoes Grey Gry Gs 6 Dark Grn Ps vltg Verde wht Unisex Indoor First, we built ThreatSim, a highly scalable and popular phishing simulation platform. Now XFIL, a breach simulation platform. Developing secure applications and operating secure environments that meet our expectations gives us great insight into relevant customer challenges.

It is those areas where we we focus our consulting efforts as we better understand the trade-offs and limitations in the real world.

Gris Gry Blanco Indoor Ps Grey Verde Unisex Multisport Downshiffter vltg wht Gs Wlf Kids' 6 Shoes Grn Dark Nike Our New Product

A Patented Data Exfiltration Tool

Simulate how attackers exfiltrate data from an organization’s network. XFIL simulates the actions an attacker takes the moment after the exploit and exercises your organization's entire security apparatus.

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Test and Validate

Test and validate your network security controls such as firewalls, proxies, IDS/IPS, DLP, etc.

Emulate Cyber-Attacks

Emulate an attacker’s attempts to discover, gather, and exfiltrate sensitive data from your network.

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Multiple Test Levels

Understand where things start to break. Begin with simple file transfers, then increase sophistication using non-standard ports and protocols, known C2 beaconing, and custom encryption.

Encryption Use

Perform tests using encryption, advanced tunneling and customizable data strings specific to your industry or environment.

Blind Spots Identification

Identify blind spots from the inside of your network out to the Internet.

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Professional Services

XFIL can be leveraged in a variety of different deployment models and customized for your environment to target only those risks that you are most concerned with. High Solid Zipper Women's Boots Round Heels Black Toe Closed Allhqfashion PU qOgnfx6

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Work with us

Stratum was founded by technical security consultants. We have a very easy-going atmosphere, minimal corporate overhead, great co-workers, a highly technical environment, and dedication to keep it that way.

Above all else, you get to work with people that you like, who are just as dedicated to their work as you are, and who want you to succeed.


Open positions

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Contact us

Thank you for your interest in our services.

For more information, please contact us at Rieker Strap Sandro Bordeaux Men’s Ankle qwSqRxFz or use the form below:

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Gs Dark Gry Wlf Blanco Verde Nike Gris 6 Ps wht Grn Unisex Indoor Downshiffter Kids' Shoes vltg Grey Multisport

950 Herndon Parkway, Suite 140 Herndon, VA 20170

Phone: 888-408-1337
Grey Gs Shoes Gry Multisport Downshiffter Ps Blanco vltg Grn Wlf Kids' wht 6 Unisex Indoor Gris Dark Nike Verde

Rieker Strap Sandro Bordeaux Men’s Ankle qwSqRxFz